All In A Days Work - Richard Bartlett

It’s always comforting to know that the bailiffs know what they’re talking about, and our very own George Michael impersonator, Richard ‘Barty’ Bartlett, has proven once again that he knows how to catch those impressive Gigantica whackers.

Once the draw had taken place and the paying customers were happily settled in their swims, Barty took up residence in Alcatraz. He found a new spot, fishing slightly left in front of Baxter’s Hole and deployed rigs that incorporated the new Dark Matter braid and Krank hooks, baited with a snowman hook bait. Once the rigs were in place, Barty introduced two kilos of Hybrid over the top. He started the week by catching the incredible Shparky at 71lb. Simply fishing the nights, in between his usual bailiff duties, Bartiy kept the Hybrid going in and managed to take a further five fish, all during the short, overnight period.

He finished the week with another gem, the Cut Tail common at 50lb 12oz. One thing’s for sure, if you’re going out to Gigantica soon, then you should certainly pick Barty’s brains thoroughly before you wet a line!

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