Alan Taylor bags another big 'un at Rainbow Lake!

Rainbow Lake was very kind to Alan Taylor during 2016, and he also managed to end the year in style with yet another chunk!

Alan regularly travels to the French mecca, which has previously held the world carp record, and had already had a fantastic run with commons of 83lb 4oz, 73lb and 69lb 8oz on previous trips last year.

So it was nice to finish the year off with one of the venue’s big mirrors, with this 62lb cracker along with a 48lb common.

Alan revealed: “At the start of my sessions on this venue I like to go out in the boat with a ‘donking’ rod and prodding stick to check out the spots that I ant to fish.

“Even though I know the venue well and have a good idea of where to fish within the swim, things can change – for instance on the recent trip where I caught 20 fish up to 69lb 8oz, the spot I wanted to fish had a load line across it that someone had lost, so I removed that before starting to fish.

“This lake is full of snags and is always changing, with existing snags sinking deeper and new ones appearing as branches or trees fall in, so I always spend a bit of time getting my spots sorted out properly.

“You need strong and reliable tackle to fish Rainbow – all of the line that I’d found on my previous trip was as a result of someone using gear that wasn’t up to the job – and my standard set-up for this venue is 50lb Apex braided main line to eight metres of 50lb XT Snag Leader and two metres of Kable leadcore. My hooklink is tied using a Kurv Shank XX hook to 50lb Kamo coated braid, and a 6oz or 8oz COG lead is used to keep my rig in place, as sometimes I’m leaving it out there for a long time.

“On this occasion my hand-rolled hookbait had been left out on the spot for three days, but I knew it would still be okay. I was fishing over Mainline Hybrid boilies,” he added.