Advance preparation pays off for Marc Cavaciuti!

Going for a walk around a southern reservoir prior to his latest session paid off for Marc Cavaciuti, as it gave him a good idea where the fish would be and resulted in the capture of this 30lb 4oz common.

As well as having a good look for fish whilst he was there and trying to work out where they might end up based on the weather forecast, he also took the time to have a plumb around and find some spots.

Marc, who is a fireman, revealed: “Before my final night shirt, prior to my days off, I went for a walk around the reservoir and a strong south-westerly wind was pounding one bank. I saw a few fish roll in the waves, but the wind was due to swing round to a south-easterly, so I spent a bit of time finding a few areas in the corner which was due to receive the new wind, and managed to locate some nice firm spots in shallow water close in.

“When I arrived after my night shift the wind hadn’t yet swung round, but I still headed to the area I felt I needed to be in and lowered my rigs onto the spots and baited lightly with thirty 16mm Krill boilies which I’d soaked in Cloudy Bloodworm liquid, along with a few pouches of corn and tiger nuts.

“I was fishing with an adapted spinner rig, with a Sticky Baits pink Signature pop-up presented on a size 4 Kurv Shank hook to four inches of Boom. He fished this on a naked Heli-Safe System with a 3.5oz Heli lead and 20lb SUBbraid.

“The forecast had said that the wind was due to swing around midnight and I sat back and waited, and sure enough it started to swing and in the wavy white water I could see the fish coming my way in the darkness.

“Around 3am I became anxious though as the wind hadn’t swung all the way round and the fish were showing much further down the bank. After numerous cups of tea and reminding myself that these wary fish didn’t like leads on their heads, and that the wind would eventually swing round to a true south-easterly, I settled down for a couple of hours sleep.

“I was up again at first light and by then the wind was blowing straight into my swim and there were occasional bursts of light rain. The fish stopped showing soon afterwards, but I needn’t have worried as shortly afterwards my left-hand rod was away and resulted in a perfect, wild-looking common!”