Adrena-Line Testing - Pete Holehouse

We have been using the Korda Adrena-Line since Autumn 07. When we first loaded it onto our spools we knew then that it was going to be good – smooth as silk, zero twist, limp and not too springy. We concentrated on our syndicate venues over the winter that contain small numbers of large, but tricky fish.
We managed a number of significant catches including a some fantastic forties to 49lb 4oz. The line performed well without any problems and proved a dream to cast compared to our regular brand.

Come the end of April, we were at our BCAC qualifier at the fantastic Chilham Mill in Kent. The swim we chose had a large amount of shallow gravel bars at various ranges and I can honestly say we were a little apprehensive when we decided to use the 15lb line in such a severe environment.
However, any concern turned out to be completely unfounded as the new line outperformed our regular line in every department. We suffered no losses and the line performed like a dream -with seven fish to 35lb 5oz, who could argue?

The following week we were off to South Africa, with "NFA Carp Team England". Obviously, space was very limited and we could only carry a minimal amount of gear on the plane. The line we chose was the Korda Adrena-Line as we felt the abuse it had received to date would be about as bad as we could have imagined.

How wrong can you be as we could have no idea what lay in store at the spectacular Bloemoff Dam situated in a game reserve of the same name in Free State, South Africa. The event was to hopefully enable the England team to get some practice for the forthcoming World Carp Angling Championships.

We hooked a number of 35lb - 45lb Sharp-Tooth Catfish, which we were told would normally smash you to pieces or take an hour to land. We landed every one we hooked, usually within 10 minutes, without any problems with the line. Check out a shot we took playing a beast. That's a three and three quarter pound test curve Daiwa Infinity bent to the butt.

The line was in perfect order and we did not even have to cut some off after the fight, despite them finding the sunken bushes and submerged grasses (reeds) in front of us.

We also managed the best part of 1200lb of carp in what turned out to be about 48 hours fishing. Considering we caught virtually nothing at night and the fish were small averaging 6lb each, that's serious speed fishing! In our view, the line proved faultless as we hardly re-tied a knot.

I think you will agree that we have given this product a fair test to say the least and we can only say that we would recommend it without reservation, as the best carp fishing line we have ever used.

Ian Huntingdon and Pete Holehouse