Adapt and Succeed - Dave Levy

A change of tactics turned a slow session into one to remember for Dave Levy, out at Abbey Lakes in France. Here’s how events unfolded…

“I’d planned a long weekend fishing trip to Abbey Lakes in France with a family friend, Jerry. Jel has only been carp fishing for a few years and I had told him Abbey would give him a good chance of catching a thirty-pound carp, or bigger. We set off on the Friday at about 4am and with the Eurotunnel making France so easy to get to we was pulling in to the car park at Abbey for 9:30am. I’ve had it take longer to get round the M25! The fishing had been slow on most of the lakes due to the high pressure and the sun was out, making it feel more like summer than winter. We spent the first night in an unfancied swim but knew some guys were going home in the morning from the swims that we’d seen fish showing in on Kingfisher Lake. The morning came and we were soon set up in the swims we liked.

I spodded out mixed particles with chopped boilies, but nothing happened that night, although we had a lot of carp show over the weed and not in the clear areas we were fishing. I sat scratching my head and said to Jel that we needed to change our tactics. If they were showing in the weed, then that’s where we’d fish for them. With that in mind, I tied up some solid bags. The biggest I had with me were the mediums. Once we’d tied up four bags filled with crushed Cell Jel rowed a long way out and dropped them off the boat. The rigs in the bags were made from four inches of Supernatural in 18lb with size four Kurv Shanks and IB corn hook baits. That night I had a 26lb mirror and Jel lost a very big carp at the net, which left him feeling gutted. I told him not to worry as I was sure of more action.

Later that day Jel’s rod was away again and after a good scrap he had the thirty pounder he came for at 36lb, so he was very happy. We’d just let the carp go when my rod was away. The fight was slow and I know it was a good fish. Soon Jel was lifting the net around a large mirror that turned out to be 44lb. The solid bags had changed a slow session in to very good one. Jerry went on to catch another PB of 37lb 8oz and by the time we were packing away we’d had nine takes. Some times you have to adapt during the session for it to be a successful one and remember location is always key.”