Adam Smith bags up with big carp at Linch Hill's Christchurch!

Adam Smith has just had one of the best ever winter catches from Linch Hill’s Christchurch Lake with an amazing 18 fish haul!

Not only did Adam bag one of the Oxfordshire venue’s biggest residents, a 45lb 13oz chunk, but he also landed a number of the lake’s other stunning looking carp displaying their full winter colours!

His catch included a scaley 38lb 14oz mirror, plus a 34lb 2oz fully-scaled and a beautiful 31lb 6oz linear, plus others over 20lb.

Adam enthused: “It’s all still a bit of a daze to be honest! I can’t quite believe it still and I’ve never had a session quite like it, especially in the winter!

“I’d already landed a fish known as the Ironing Board a few weeks back at over 46lb, so to catch another of the lake’s real biggies was just a dream come true.

“I was out doing an article for Advanced Carp Fishing magazine so I can’t go into too much detail on how the session unfolded or the exact tactics, but you can read all about it in a forthcoming issue.

“I was using an interesting little spod mix, with the base of it being the new Manilla bait from Sticky Baits, and I have never seen carp react to it quite like this, it really was incredible.

“All of my rig components were from Korda, with the hooks being the old faithful size 6 Wide Gape, and I only lost one fish which is a testament to the hook as these are wary, powerful carp and each fish I landed was nailed!”