A Trio Of Thirties - Jerry Bridger

After a hectic June and July with work, what with undergoing a new job role at Trakker, this was my first session out in five weeks, so to say I was buzzing to just get out angling was an understatement.

I managed to sneak out for a 24-hour session on my midlands still water and had five fish in total! 31lb 15oz, 33lb 7oz, 28lb 14oz, a small stockie & 33lb 14oz all tempted on homemade 10mm, yellow Cell barrel wafters at 124yards range, over 15kg of chilli hemp/maples & 5kg 10mm Cell boilies, which was applied little and often.

There's a leader ban on this particular lake so out came the bomb proof 15lb Subline, 12 inches of Dark Matter tubing, Hybrid lead clip system with a 4oz swivel distance lead finished off with a 20lb Semi Stiff N-Trap hook link and a size 6 Kurv Shank hook.

The action kicked off just before dark and remained constant until I ran out of bait at 8am the following morning, after topping up between bites.

Soaked to the skin, barely any sleep, seven bites later and three nice thirties tagged by morning - I'll take that. Happy days!