A Sneak Peak - Jake Wildbore

We have had a bundle of new exciting products arrive at Korda HQ, only samples at the moment, but we are ever closer to their release dates. Today I’m sending out samples to our sponsored anglers, which is one of the important processes that the new products have to endure before they are released.

Firstly, we have Touchdown; this line has specifically been designed as a versatile, all-round line with a very low stretch factor. The low-stretch nature of the line maximises ‘feel’ and casting potential, although it’s still a supple, ‘performance’ line. Touchdown sinks well, allowing optimum line concealment and cuts through the surface to reduce bowing after casting. It also retains amazing knot strength, and abrasion resistance, allowing fish to be landed in the most testing situations.

Next up, we have the Infuzas. These are an ingenious glug pot with a removable internal tray that allows baits to be perfectly coated with your chosen bait enhancer, without overloading, which makes them perfectly suited for use with the GOO.

Finally, we have the long-awaited COG System (COG stands for Centre of Gravity, on account of the positioning of the hook link attachment – right in the heaviest part of the lead). When these are ready for release there will be a variety of different-sized booms, and two different lead shapes, Distance and Flat Pear. You have both shapes in your pack, but only the 3oz versions.

For those of you that are unaware how the COG works, it has been specifically designed to convert more pick-ups into hooked fish. This clever lead system ensures the fish feel the full weight of the lead instantly. You only have to look at the Underwater films to see how effective this system is!

One thing that’s worth making note of is how to use it correctly. To prevent tangles, tubing or leadcore is essential. The use of dissolving foam with IQ or coated hook links is also recommended.

So, keep an eye out for updates from our anglers out in field using these products and updates for their release dates.

Be lucky,

Jake Wildbore.