A Session To Remember - Michael Fleischmann

I´m back from my latest session on a venue in Bavaria, Germany. The carp swimming in there are extremely responsive to small changes in the weather, barometric pressure and things like that. Nevertheless, this venue holds massive appeal for me.
I banked three very good fish on the first night, contrary to my expectations. I started with a 34lb common before following it with a 36lb mirror and a real bar of gold at 39lb. Size-four Korda Longshank X hooks tied onto Supernatural hooklink did the job for these three German beauties. Korda Square Pear Inline Leads on Safezone Camo Leaders completed my setup.
After the first three carp the fishing had been very slow for four days so I had to rethink my tactics and changed from simple bottom baits to a critically balanced tigernut fished KD style with a Wide Gape this time. This rig caught me the final carp of the session, another 36lb mirror, and crowned wonderful session. I was able to outwit these beauties on a pressured water by using ultra-sharp hooks and supple links. I fed a little handful of boilies and tigers because I think that the carp shy away from big baited spots. This is my favourite baiting tactic on most lakes and I’d recommend this to all of you.

As you can imagine I was over the moon after this memorable session. I will be back for sure.
Michael Fleischmann