A Night to Remember - Pete Castle

I’d blanked for three weeks. The nights and the weather were starting to close in and I was certainly struggling. I was getting on fish, but for some reason they just wouldn’t pick up. I tried baiting an area for a while, but even that didn’t work. I’d driven backwards and forwards several times baiting up and watching the water, but on three overnighters over three weeks I’d caught nothing.
I was starting to lose faith in my approach and a change of bait, if nothing else, was required. I managed to get hold of some of the New Grange ready for the next overnighter and was back down at the lake on the Wednesday afternoon. I went straight in the swim I’d been baiting and just put the rods out. It was raining but I still left everything on the barrow and covered it with my groundsheet.
Nothing happened throughout the afternoon and I was getting a bit fed up with ducking and diving from the showers. Just before dark, I decided not to set up where I was as I’d seen nothing and quickly pushed the barrow right around to the other side of the lake. Thankfully, a fish rolled just as I arrived in the swim I fancied.
I got all three rods out before dark and baited up with a throwing stick in darkness to avoid attention from the gulls. I sat up throughout the evening and definitely heard the odd fish roll over somewhere out in the blackness. I fell asleep about 11pm, but I wasn’t gone long before the right-hand rod screamed off. I was into a fish! The carp fought quite hard and during the fight the middle rod kept bleeping where it was obviously picking up the other line on its way in.
I finally got the fish into the net and it looked like a cracking 30lb common. Before I did anything I picked up the middle rod as the lead had obviously moved and I wasn’t happy with it. However, when I started to reel in the line went off in a totally different direction to where I’d cast. It took a few seconds to work out what was going on, but I suddenly realised that I was into another fish and this one felt even bigger!
Luckily, I had two nets set up and after a hard battle I got the second fish in the other net and this one was a big linear. There was no one else on the lake at the time and so I called a friend that I knew was about to come off a night shift. He promptly came down and after doing the pics we sat up chatting over a cup of tea. We could still hear the odd fish rolling and we were both commenting on how good it all looked when the left-hand rod screamed off.
This one turned out to be another cracking 30lb common. My friend left as he had to get home and get some sleep before his next shift. I went on the catch another couple, including a cracking mid-twenty mirror and another 30lb-plus common throughout the next day. It was certainly a session to remember!