A Fresh Start - Ed Betteridge

"I’d had my name down on a local water, which is less than 75miles from my front door, for a few years now and have recently obtained my ticket – much to my delight.

I was very keen to get down there and didn’t wait long before venturing down for my first session. It was just a short, overnight trip but it was really nice to absorb some new scenery. It was more of a recce session than anything else. I wanted to have a good walk round, in order to get a better feel for the place and start formulating a few plans on how to approach the venue going forward. I must admit that my preconceived ideas on how to approach it were totally wrong. This session was a learning curve and gave me a massive helping hand on how to approach my second session.

I turned up on Sunday at midday, as most of the weekend lads were leaving, and managed to secure a swim that controlled a fair amount of water. The swim also gave me a good view of the lake, which is always good. The night passed without any joy but the following morning the fish really started to give their location away.
I positioned a hook bait, which had been soaking in Goo, right on top of where a fish had showed and 20 minutes later I received a bite. The take was twitchy to begin with and I was unsure as to whether it was actually a bite or just a liner. Eventually I convinced myself that there was a fish on the end and bent into a heavy weight.

After a fight that consisted of a lot of slow plodding about, I teased a chunky fish over the net cord, claiming my first carp from the new water. What a way to start a new campaign too, the fish easily a mid thirty and seemed to be carrying most of its weight across its broad back. On the scales she went 34lb 12oz and looked great in the pictures, with the Hawthorn in full blossom behind.
The successful rig was a low-lying hinged stiff-link, with a Mainline Clockwork Orange pop-up that had been soaked in Pineapple Supreme Goo for added attraction.

The action didn't end there either as I banked two more fish the following evening, a mid double and a 23lb mirror. This really capped off a fantastic session on the new water, which I am told can be tricky at times.
Hopefully a few more of the lakes residents will take a liking to these hook baits during my next visit."

Ed Betteridge