A Dream Common - Neil Warner

I've just had a large slice of good luck in the shape of an 81lb common. I was fishing a week-long session in France at a venue known as Teillatts. The weather was a bitter North-to-North East all week. I pulled out number 13, which unfortunately was last out of the hat.
With only four or five swims left I decided to fish with the wind in my face. At about 70 yards, I found a gravel bar so put three rods on it. But, as this lake contains a large mussel population I unfortunately lost the first couple of fish due to cut offs. Consequently, I pulled the marker float back and fished the front of the bar and got the next two fish in all be it only bream. I never got cut off anymore, but then had three cats to 63lb. It all went quiet for the next day.
Then, at about 4.30pm I had a 20lb mirror with two more 20s following this the next few days. Things were starting to look up but the weather was getting even colder. I introduced roughly another 100 baits and nicked a small PVA bag full of pellets onto the hook. This did the trick and at midday I landed a cracking 37lb mirror. Later that I day, I received yet another belting take which I thought was a huge catfish.
As I tie my leads on with PVA the fish came to the top about 20 yards out. Then I new it was a big common! I netted it first time and soon got help from a couple of mates because it was an absolute brute.
Jake the bailiff and Si the owner came round to weigh it – 81lb an absolute monster. As you can imagine I was ecstatic with the result. That night I had 52lb 6oz mirror followed by a 52lb 4oz common the following morning – It was truly a trip to remember.
All my fish fell to Premier Baits 20mm Quad and half Premier flouro pineapple dumbbells. The rig I was using incorporates Korda size 4 Kurv Shank B hooks, Hybrid 20lb Weed Green, Link loops, Tungsten Sinkers, 4oz Tournament leads tied onto Lead Clips using Total Dissolve PVA String.

Neil Warner