A Dream Come True - Martin Pick

If Carlsberg done fishing trips, I’d say that they couldn’t get much better for me than last week down at Wellington Country Park. The lake had been shut for four weeks due to an algae bloom. The first week it re-opened again was the week of Carp Academy, which I was set to be a tutor, so some five weeks had past without even wetting a line. To say I was gagging to get there would be an understatement.

When I did make it through the gates, I was surprised to find that everyone was going home and I was set to be on the lake on my own for the first time in over two years.
After walking the lake a few times, I never saw any groups of fish, just odd ones scattered about so I plotted up in the Bush Swim, which has a track record of producing the big ‘uns. I baited up the rods with a kilo of boilies each and put the kettle on.

At 2am one of the bobbins pulled up then went down and then up again I thought it was a Tench, so I casually put the waders on then started playing it in. It wasn’t until it was half way in I started to wake up and realise that I was in fact attached to a carp and after a short battle a 34lb 4oz mirror was in the net. With nobody else to be seen, I did some self takes and slipped him back before casting the rod back out to the spot again. I was sure I was set for more bites catching so early, but nothing happened until exactly the same time the following night, which was another mirror of 33lb 12oz.

By the following dinner time, I had no more bites and gathered that feeding times seemed to be rooted to the night time, so I redone the rods and baited with all the boilies I had left in an all out attack for my last night.

Just after midnight, I found myself awake with a rod in my hand. The blistering take resulted in a 23lb 14oz mirror. I must have only just gone back to sleep when about 1:30am one of the other rods pulled tight, but when I leaned into the fish it kicked a couple of times and was gone. Around 3:30am that same rod went again, but it stayed on this time thankfully and was a 33lb 4oz common. Whilst I was measuring my line on the distance sticks for a recast, I heard a few beeps. When I looked round one of the rods pulled tight again, so I grabbed the rod, unable to believe I was into my fourth carp in just a few hours.

By this time it was getting light. When it came to the surface about sixty yards out I could see it was a big fish. I kept the pressure on and it slowly plodded closer and closer then finally went in the net. I saw instantly that it was one of my target fish called the Big Common, so I thrust my hands in the air and looked up at the stars to thank my old man for looking over me. People that know me will tell you that I've spent most of my life wanting a big common, so to get one at a massive 49lb 4oz was a new personal best and also a dream that came true.