A Dream Come True - Elliott Gray

I have recently been fortunate enough to catch what to me is a dream come true. There is no denying that these days a big carp is not what it used to be. There are literally hundreds of 30 and 40lbers out there and it is now a rare occurrence to see the carp world shaken by a “Big Carp” any more. Due to the masses of big fish around there are certain things about a few particular carp that have always excited me, for reasons beyond their weight. This being one of those carp.
This particular fish is a real rare one and to my knowledge, including this capture has only seen the bank 5 times in the last 5-6 years. It is almost a totally unknown carp to the rest of the carp world and it is this that made the capture for me. The fact that it is a tricky one to catch and it happens to be such a beautiful carp is a massive bonus and also played a big part in what first inspired me to fish there.
It was this drive for success that eventually led to this capture, I wanted to catch it and during the nights I spent at the lake I made sure to do absolutely everything I possibly could!
I might seem crazy but during the winter I was actually turning up to fish mid week nights between 10pm and 2am , before leaving for work the next day at 7.30. I hardly caught anything, just the odd couple but such was my determination I felt had to be there. The way I looked at it was simple, if I left my girlfriends at say 1am, it gave me 6 hours fishing before work. Every rod hour counts so rather than going home to bed I would drive to the lake and flick the rods out. Unfortunately though I lost him in November and after that I called it off. He wasn’t going to be getting hooked again during the winter that was almost certain, so decided to wait for the spring to arrive before heading back, desperate to settle the score before my Car Park Lake renewal in June.
Things really started to come together over the two weeks leading up to the capture and I did feel close. Still, it always comes when you least expect it and in this instance it was 11.30 pm on a work night. My dream came true literally half an hour after putting the rig down onto a spot I had baited earlier on whilst on my way home from work. I baited with a small handful each of hemp and pellets before scattering a few crumbed cell over the top and heading home.
Do you see many anglers turning up for an overnighter at 11pm? Apparently it’s not worth it? Well, at over 37lb it proves that it was!

Elliott Gray