A change of rig ended a run of blanks for Jimmy Hibbard!

Jimmy Hibbard proved that sometimes you need to change your tactics in order to get a bite, even when you are really confident in what you have been using.

He had really been struggling to catch and had racked up numerous blanks, despite having total confidence in the hinged stiff rig which he had used for years to present a bait over all sorts of different areas, including silt, light weed and clean gravel areas, and it was only when he changed this set-up that he started to catch!

Jimmy revealed: “Confidence is a big factor in catching and over the years I’ve built up so much of that in this rig that there has been no need to change. I was on a new water which I’d only recently joined, but after nothing but blanks despite fish showing over the areas I was fishing, enough was enough and it was time to switch to a bottom bait presentation as something wasn’t right.

“On the final night of a three day session there was a slight change in weather and I saw a number of shows. Up until then it had been 30 degrees and the fish activity was few and far between, but with the cooler wind and cloud cover arriving a move of swim was on the cards to where I had started to see them.

“I cast two rods to where I’d seen fish show and then waded the other one down the margin to a clean area with some exposed gravel on it, and lowered the rig into place.”

The change of rig did the trick for Jimmy, with him opting for six inches of 30lb N-Trap Semi Stiff to a size 4 Kurv Shank XX hook with a micro ring swivel on it and a Hook Bead positioned just below the barb. That was fished in conjunction with a snowman rig, with a Pacific Tuna bottom bait and half a pop-up tied onto the micro swivel with dental floss, and 40 freebies were scattered around it, fishing for a bite at a time.

He continued: “At first light I was awoken by the sound of my Delkim playing the tune I’d been waiting for, and it was the margin rod. It wasn’t to be though, as the fish powered into the reeds and dropped the hook!

“I was disheartened by the loss but got the rod back out on the spot, and only a few hours later it was away again, and this time the hook held firmly in the bottom lip until it slipped into the net. Finally after eight nights I had tricked one of the lake’s carp!

“It was just shy of 23lb, but more to the point I had built my confidence in the new rig that I using, and the following week I was back down for a night, arriving early evening.

“The fish were in the same area as on my previous session and all three rods went out back on the same spots, all with bottom baits. As first light came I was sat in my waders in anticipation of a bite when I had a few bleeps and made my way down to the rod, and I was stood at the side of it when my Delkim went into meltdown!

“This time the battle was short-lived and my second fish from the lake was soon in the net – another lovely mirror of just over 22lb which turned out to be my only fish of the session.

“The change of tactics and rigs put me closer to slowly unlocking the code to this water, and I’m hoping that will continue over the coming weeks – if not then I’m sure another re-think will, and that’s what I enjoy about fishing!”