A Brace Of PB's - Tim Rowland

I arrived on Friday evening, after a crazy day at work. It was my first time at Linch Hill, on Christchurch Lake, so I really didn’t know what to expect. Once I arrived I had good look around the lake and I found a quiet corner where a warm wind was trickling in. The scum and the floating blossom made the corner peg look good and I was sure there were a few carp about. Seeing a few topping in the scum got the blood pumping and it was a race against the light levels to get the rods out.

Rig wise, I opted to fish a long running chod made from of 25lb Korda Mouth Trap, with a size-six Choddy hook. The hook bait was a Sticky Baits Krill pop-up soaked in Pure Krill Liquid. Casting to showing fish was the method of attack for the first night, but sadly nothing came of it.

In the morning they put a real show on for me, which gave away some clear areas away. As the temperatures rose to 25 degrees, zigs seemed the sensible option, but produced no takes. That evening I baited the spots where I’d seen them show that morning with a mix of different-sized Krill Boilies, soaked again in Pure Krill Liquid, putting just a couple of handfuls over each rod.

The first rod was just off a clear spot in the weed on the far margin, and I waded out and cast down the tree line margin to my right to position the second rod.

After casting my far-bank margin rod out and waiting for the line to sink properly, I turned around to put the kettle on and as I looked back the line was bowstring-tight, I was away! After a nervy first scrap with a Christchurch carp, I landed a stunning linear. I phoned Dan Wildbore who was fishing on Willow Lake to ask him to take some pictures. He arrived five minutes later to congratulate me. While we sorted the mat and weighing equipment out, my right-hand margin rod burst into life in front of us. A heavier, slower battle developed and after 15 minutes Dan safely slipped the net under Crinkle Tail!

Not knowing that Crinkle would do over 40lb, I was pleasantly surprised to see the Reuben Heatons travel around to 41lb 2oz! After Dan took some great shots in the evening sunset, I was informed of the tradition at Linch Hill with a question of… “Have you got brought any spare clothes?” After taking a proper soaking with several buckets of water, we got the linear out of the floating retention sling.

Wow, What a stunning carp. I was over the moon to see the scales go around to 35lb 12oz. That smashed my mirror PB of 24lb; I knew what was coming next, another soaking. I remember walking back to the car with waders half full of water to collect some dry clothes, thinking, “I can’t believe I’ve just had a brace of PBs fifteen minutes apart!”.

The following morning, I sat there with a brew thinking about what an incredible session I’d had, when suddenly the right-hand rod rattled off again. I hooked into another angry carp, which I honestly couldn’t stop! After a 20-minute battle I tamed the beast and put the net under a cracking looking mirror. Another phonecall was made to Mr. Wildbore who again, took some fantastic shots for me. Finishing off the weekend with a 28lb 12oz-bruising mirror was just the icing on the cake to a fantastic weekend.

Big thank you to Dan Wildbore and all the bailiffs at Linch Hill for making me feel welcome on my first trip to Christchurch. I will definitely be back for more.