8 Top Tips for How to Carp Fish in the Summer from Team Korda

Looking for tips on how to catch carp in the summer? Here are the top tips from the team at Korda!

1. Step Your Gear Up

The summer can often bring the need for change, especially when it comes to tackle. Extensive weed growth can make it much harder to land the fish we hook and having the right tackle for the job is as important as ever. Sometimes, what we use in the winter just isn’t suffice for the summer and a step up a level is needed.

2. Target The Weed

As the weed grows, a subsurface jungle is formed, it’s full of food and provides safety and comfort for the carp. It’s no wonder why, for the bulk of the summer, the carp often seem to be held up within the venues largest, densest weed beds, they have everything they need there. Although this will mean that at times they are out of reach, it does give us an area to target, they won’t stay there forever and intercepting them as they leave is a effective method. You can of course fish in amongst the weed too but this must be done safely, it’s no good losing most of what you are lucky enough to hook.

3. Give Tigers A Go

Tiger nuts are a bait that seem to come into their own throughout the hotter months of the year. Carp absolute love them and nuisance fish don’t, which in the summer can be a real bonus as the small fish are often seen active and in abundance. It’s not just the nuisance fish that don’t like them either, most birds will leave them well alone too, which can be ideal when baiting a venue. It is highly important that they are correctly prepared but once they are, these sweet, crunchy little gems will be sure to catch you a carp or two.

4. Care For Your Catch

This should be an absolute top priority at all times but especially during the summer months. The carp are vulnerable and sapped of all their energy after spawning and the heat can be detrimental to their health in between captures. We as anglers need to ensure that we do everything in our power to return them safely, none the worse for wear.

5. Stay Up Late AND Get Up Early

Carp feed predominantly at night during the summer, once the temperature has cooled off a bit. Making sure that you are awake as much as possible between sunset and sunrise is important. When carp feed they will often give their presence away as they do so, maybe bubbling, rolling or jumping clear of the water, these sightings can be capitalised on if you’re awake. By being asleep you are only going to miss them.

6. Follow The Wind

This can apply to all venues but namely the larger, more wind-effected lakes. Strong winds will push carp into certain areas of the venue during the summer and although it can be a bit brutal, setting up in the teeth of a strong wind can often lead to a capture or two.

7. Drop Your Leads

With the summer, comes the weed growth and when the weed has flourished it becomes important to lose the lead on the take. As a carp picks up a rig, then bolts and in turn ejects the lead, it will rise up in the water towards the lakes surface. This is highly beneficial when there is large amounts of weed about as keeping the fish above the weed, up out of harms way, will lead to more fish on the bank with greater ease – no getting weeded up for hours.

8. Try Sweetcorn

Undoubtedly one the greatest baits of all time, corn is very effective throughout both the summer and winter months. When all other baits can be seen to fail, sweetcorn can often induce the carp to feed. Is it the colour? The taste? Who knows? – whatever it is, they love it.