2 x 40's In 14 Hours - Darren Langham

I arrived at the lake early doors on the friday morning and to my amazement I had pick of the whole lake, bar one swim!
I spent the best part of the morning and afternoon walking and watching. I didn't see much so I thought that my best option would be to go in a swim I have had sucess from before and knowing what the lake is like it's generally a good bet at the weekend. It was a swim called Caravan that fished the mouth of the channel. There is a big weed bed and if the fish do move up from the shallows it's a good place to hold a few fish and get a bite or two.
I started leading around in the mouth of the channel looking for a spot in the area I thought would be best. I came across a small area where the lead would drop nicely but not get a great pull, indicating to me there was a bit of weed about on the spot. Perfect!
I fished a snowman and a small bag with the hooklink slightly longer than usual so the bag and bait would hopefully sit on the weed and not bury right in.
After getting the rods sorted early evening on Friday I sat back feeling confident for the weekend. I opted to just fish bags for the first night as it offers a good chance of a quick bite if there are any fish in the area.
Friday night passed quietly as did saturday morning and afternoon.
I redid the rods saturday afternoon introducing around half a kilo of boilies around each rod made up of 14mm, 16mm and chopped baits.
Saturday night around 10pm the rod rattled off from the spot, resulting in a tinca! Nightmare, at least it proved to me that the presentation was fine. Redoing the rod in the dark is a nightmare, although the spot only being around 30yards didn't make it too bad.
On sunday morning the fish turned up big style just to my right as I'd hoped they would, they were rolling and boshing just round to my right in the mouth of the channel. There was a patch of froth the size of a small car where they had been and I knew it wouldn't be long untill they were right on me.
At 8am I recieved a very strange tenchy bite, the bobbin pulled up and twitched, dropped slightly then rose again. Unfortunately, on hitting it I connected with nothing apart from a huge ball of weed.
The rod was recast back to the same area and 11.30am I recieved a very fast take followed by a very pathetic fight!!
Once getting it in the net I saw a huge tail poking out. As you do I started peeling the weed away revealing a large mirror. Once all the weed was cleared I recognised it as the fish known as the Horse. I shouted over to my mate the otherside of the channel as he was stood watching and he came round and grabbed a few other mates on the way.
Weighing in at 41lb 14oz, I was over the moon!! Not only was it a fish I hadn't caught before it was a real stunner and my 4th UK 40lb fish.
So, after celebrating with a few friends that afternoon I made my way back to the swim and got the rods back out and topped up the swim with the same as the day before.
Around 9pm I recieved a very savage liner from the same area I had the Horse from and things were looking good for another bite. I hit the sack around 11pm after my friend left and to be honest was feeling sure something was going to happen, it felt so good for it. Sure enough 1.30am the rod absolutely flew off!!
The fish weeded up solid and after a while I got it moving again, eventually bundling the whole lot into the net.
Upon peeling the weed away I realised it was another of Roach Pits' finest & another target...... Snub Nose at 43lb!
So, in the space of 14 hours I braced my 4th & 5th UK 40's and 2 of my target fish from the pit!!
A big thanks to all the lads involved who helped with the weighing and photgraphy and not forgetting Steve at Shoreline Baits!
Both fish were caught using snowmans on helicopter style set ups, 8 inches of Korda Hybrid Soft, Gardner Size 8 Mugga's.

Darren Langham