127lb brace made my week - Danny Armitage

Our French carping venue, Gigantica, has been in amazing form in recent weeks, with several of the big fish making an appearance backed up with lots of the smaller (but no less amazing!) carp coming out too.

We love to hear back from happy customers and recent visitor Danny Armitage, who caught an amazing 127lb brace, has been in touch.

Danny said: “Being an operations manager for a large company myself, I know that a large amount of people will be very quick to jump up to moan and complain, but very few will bother to take the time out to write and say something positive.

“So I want to pass on my thanks after a blinding trip to Gigantica main lake last week. From the very start of the experience I was more than impressed. From Jon Mann sorting the booking and immediately sending out the clear and concise paperwork, chatting to Ali and Darrell at the Northern Angling Show about the lake to being greeted at the gates by Steve and Adam.

The trip began in totally the right way with proper introductions, croissants, banter and a proper walk and talk around the lake (unlike other French holiday venues I've fished)

“The swim draw is fair for all, especially when I drew ball 1 and had been watching fish crash out from the Alamo! The swims are all nicely presented, the kit provided in top notch condition and then tea round in the swim on the first night to allow you chance to get settled were all very nice touches that I've not had at other venues.

“The week very well for me with landing seven fish including the massive 127lb brace of The Weld and The German. The help Steve gave with the brace, especially keeping me calm and taking some superb photos and videos, which need a few strong words editing out before I can post them, were second to none. The help and advice the guys offered to all anglers around the lake was again top notch and helped a few of the slightly less experienced anglers massively.

“The food, the facilities, the fish, the tackle shop and the staff were all much better than my initial expectations from a holiday venue (only based on previous experiences) and for that I take my hat off to your team. It was also nice on Friday evening to have a catch up with a familiar face when Buzz arrived back at the lakes as I've known Buzz for a few years.

“Anyway, thanks again to you and the team for an absolute top class experience which I'm sure will be repeated again in July on the Road Lake, when I go over there to help a couple of younger anglers on their first trip to France. And also I'll be booking two more trips on the Main for next year as well - but don't tell the Mrs!”

There is still space on the main lake for the weeks commencing 6th, 13th and 20th June; 11th, 18th and 25th July; 1st and 22nd August, plus some other dates for smaller bookings. Call 01268 820440 for more details, you can also go to www.gigantica-carp.com for further information.