Carp Fishing Underwater

Upon its release in 2012, Underwater 7 reignited the Underwater series, which had lain dormant since 2005. Having practically invented the underwater genre, Danny Fairbrass and the team tried and failed to replicate the success of the State Of The Art Underwater Carp Fishing DVDs in the intervening years. Fish refusing to feed in daylight, visibility disappearing and technology malfunctions scuppered each attempt, until this latest project.

Underwater 7 premiered at the Empire Cinema in Basildon and was released to the carp fishing public shortly afterwards. To say that it was well received would have been an understatement. Once more, the way that we fish was tested in front of the underwater cameras.

The release of Underwater 8 has changed the face carp fishing videos once again. Things that we thought we knew about carp behaviour, rigs, baiting strategy and presentation have to be reassessed. How we fish is under scrutiny once again!

Danny Fairbrass, Ali Hamidi and Tom Dove set out to challenge carp fishing norms and accepted techniques, in the most challenging of all arenas. Rather than choosing some private lake with friendly carp, they chose to test their carp fishing tactics and techniques on Linear Fisheries St John's Pool, one of the most pressured environments in carp fishing. The film documents carp fishing techniques as we know it in 2013, and the reaction of the carp to the best rigs and baits that the team can throw at them.